Bling Vape Pen - Passion

Bling Vape Pen - Passion

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Limited time VALENTINE'S DAY collection vape pen! Makes an incredible gift for the girl in your life.

Enjoy the higher things in life with a CANNABLING Vape Pen. 

All pens are entirely hand-covered in gorgeous rhinestone crystals.

Passion is a stunning fuchsia color that beautifully radiates tones of red and bright pink. This beautiful pen is hand-crafted and perfect for first time users and veterans alike

Vape Pen comes with charger. Threading is standard 510, so it works with universal cartridges, and is for use specifically with concentrates.

PEN SPECS: Vape battery includes USB Charger. Variable voltage has three settings ranging from 3.3-4.2 volts, 350 mah, and an estimated 400 puffs per full charge.

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