• REVIEW: Space Monkey Meds Birthday Cake Flower

    It's hard to find an Indica dominant that doesn't make me totally lazy and useless in the day, but this strain still left me with a real sense of productivity after smoking during the daytime. It tasted incredible and is definitely one of the nicest tasting flowers I have had the pleasure of smoking. The packaging was really cute  & the extra half a gram was a great extra. 
  • REVIEW: Rogue Raven's Fog Flower

    Rogue Raven's Fog is the perfect relaxing strain helps washes away any stress without tiring you out or giving you couchlock. Perfect strain for after work or relaxing, also a good strain for work and homework.
  • REVIEW: Juicy Fruit Hybrid

    After smoking, I felt more relaxed and euphoric. I felt like all my stress melted off my shoulders with every exhale. The pain I carry daily also subsided. Only two negative effects I felt were getting incredibly dizzy and some serious cottonmouth.