REVIEW: Space Monkey Meds Birthday Cake Flower

Birthday Cake Flower Review

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Overall Stars (out of 5)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

THC/CBD Percentages: 27.13% THC, Indica

How did this product taste? If you're looking for something sweet, this is the strain. It tastes literally like birthday cake! With parents of Girl Scout Cookies and Banana Pie, there was a really sweet dessert taste.

How long did it take before you start to feel the effects? After a few tokes on a joint.

What effects did you feel? Like you would desire from any Indica dominant strain, I instantly felt a deep body high, followed by an accidental nap. After waking I felt really relaxed, but with just a pinch of Sativa, I had the ability to fight the couchlock and get on with what I had to do.

How long do you think this supply will last (days, weeks, months)? I thought I only bought an eighth of this to try, but was happily surprised to find they are actually four gram tins! It lasted around a week alongside and mixed with some cali exotikz zkittlez.

How long did the effects last? I like to use Indica dominant strains in the late evening or for bedtime and after smoking birthday cake before bed I was definitely floating through the morning the next day.

Favorite thing about this product?  It's hard to find an Indica dominant that doesn't make me totally lazy and useless in the day, but this strain still left me with a real sense of productivity after smoking during the daytime. It tasted incredible and is definitely one of the nicest tasting flowers I have had the pleasure of smoking. The packaging was really cute  & the extra half a gram was a great extra.


Chel Author HeadshotWith over 10 years of experience with Cannabis, Chel is a full-time terp enthusiast with a passion for Indicas, CBD and pretty flowers.