REVIEW: Kosher Kush Cartridge

Overall Stars (out of 5)💥💥💥💥💥

THC/CBD Percentages:  THC 80 to 90%

How did this product taste? It has a earthy, wood taste. Takes me back to fresh natural greens taste.

How long did it take before you start to feel the effects? Pretty immediate with euphoria feeling. Few more minutes for more effects.

What effects did you feel? Head and eye buzz immediate after inhaling. Few more minutes came the relaxing, calm feeling. It also gave me a calming focused feel for the first little while. I then just melted into the couch ready to sleep the night away.

How long do you think this supply will last (days, weeks, months)? About one week for me.

How long did the effects last? For a few hours at least. I then slept like a baby.

Favorite thing about this product?  It gives you that relaxed focus feel but also a euphoric buzz for a little bit. Then boom! Perfect for sleep - that's my kind of strain.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - @princess_purplekush

April Author Headshot32 year old mom and wife. I am loud, spunky, creative, have a love of all humans and anything that makes me laugh. 10+ years of experience with Cannabis. Prefers hybrids, Alien OG flower, and Green Crack cartridges.