REVIEW: Juicy Fruit Hybrid

Juicy Fruit Cannabis Strain Review

Overall Stars (out of 5)⭐️⭐️⭐️

THC/CBD Percentages: THC 20%. 55/45 Hybrid.

How did this product taste? Citrusy and sweet.

How long did it take before you start to feel the effects? Minutes after finishing my joint. I decided to roll one up to do the dishes cause what's better than smoking while you work 😆

What effects did you feel? After smoking my fat J of Juicy Fruit, I felt more relaxed and euphoric. I felt like all my stress melted off my shoulders with every exhale. The pain I carry daily also subsided. Only two negative effects I felt were getting incredibly dizzy and some serious cottonmouth.

How long do you think this supply will last (days, weeks, months)? I picked up half an ounce of this strain and I'm glad I did. This should last me a couple weeks.  

How long did the effects last? 30 minutes in and still going strong 🙌

Favorite thing about this product? The smell brings back them childhood feels of Fruit Stripe gum and the amount of happiness this strain brings out is just phenomenal.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR - @princess_purplekush

Veronica Review Author HeadshotHigh!️️🖤Veronica has 15 years of experience with cannabis and enjoys White Widow for flower, Skywalker OG for cartridges, and Forbidden Fruit for shatter. Welcome to the only insight of what she thinks to be to best strains!