REVIEW: Cali Pure Jack Herer Cartridge

Cali Pure Jack Herer Review     Cali Pure Jack Herer Sativa Review

Overall Stars (out of 5)💥💥💥💥💥

THC/CBD Percentages:  80-90% THC, Sativa dominant

How did this product taste? Oh man this one has a sweet, almost almond, pine taste. You can taste the wood and pine but it has such a sweet aftertaste.

How long did it take before you start to feel the effects? Definitely immediate.

What effects did you feel? Relaxed, calm and focused. Some body euphoria but not a tiring lazy feeling. Helped any anxious feelings- not your typical Sativa cartridge. I actually love it for getting my day started right in the morning time.

How long do you think this supply will last (days, weeks, months)? I smoke often, and this will last about one week for me.

How long did the effects last? For me, this high will last a few hours for sure. It was perfect for working my day shift (about a 6 hour shift).

Favorite thing about this product?  This brand alone has been amazing with any that I have tried. They are true to what they say their effects are and what they can help treat. This one specifically tasted so good.

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